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About The Course

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Advocates Against Abuse shares tools on abuse prevention through the use of an accessible language curriculum that is straight-forward, interactive and is taught by self-advocate Trainers.

The training caters to different learning styles by incorporating visual poster boards, a video featuring self-advocates as actors, and interactive role plays. The information provided in the AAA training provides powerful tools for participants to use to identify, prevent and report incidents of abuse.

What people are saying about the course

“Advocates Against Abuse is an incredibly powerful and innovative model of training that has the potential to continue to transform our agency to be even more responsive and respectful towards people supported while keeping them safer!”

  • Nancy Wallace-Gero, AAA Steering Committee Member

“Dave Hingsburger made the point that to maintain the interest of people with disabilities, it is important that the training be delivered QUICKLY – not slowly. When I saw the course being delivered and all present completely engaged and participating, he was right. Slow can be boring, and the Advocates Against Abuse course is anything but boring.”

  • Steve Snider, AAA Steering Committee Member

“The thing I was most impressed with about the whole journey was to see people develop skills to become amazing trainers. They are good because they are talented, dynamic and dedicated. The fact that they had been labeled as disabled was simply a footnote to an incredible accomplishment.”

  • Kevin McMullan, AAA Steering Committee Member

“In my eyes, Advocates Against Abuse is helping other self-advocates have their time in the spotlight because they are doing the training. The training gives people power to speak up and not be afraid to use their voice.”

  • Lisette Lanthier, AAA Steering Committee Member