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The Whole Truth

The Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 changed everything about how we live, work, learn and engage people. With respect to physical distancing and the inability to gather in groups, the work of the Advocates Against Abuse peer abuse prevention training program, for people who have an intellectual disability, had been greatly impacted.

The Advocates Against Abuse (AAA) Steering Committee recognizes that the delivery of the AAA program, in person, by trained AAA self-advocates, to people who have disabilities, is the best method of delivering the AAA curriculum. In order to continue to bring abuse awareness and prevention to people served, the Steering Committee explored the delivery of virtual abuse training options.

The Whole Truth Abuse Prevention Program, property of Diverse City Press, has been adopted as a virtual training tool. Though created in 2008, The Whole Truth remains relevant today.  The Whole Truth video features people who have intellectual disabilities as commentators and actors. There are two versions of the video: a full-length video without interruption, and a version broken into twenty segments/scenes. In the segmented version, self-advocates set up the scenes and guide the discussion after the scene is watched by a participant. The intent of this online resource, is for people to participate in the training in a virtual manner, while joining a group, but from the privacy of their homes. It is also the intent that AAA Trainers (self-advocates) and Helpers (support professionals) would assist in facilitating the four classes that are recommended for the full training program.

The Whole Truth video is available on the Advocates Against Abuse website, at no cost. It is highly recommended to purchase the teaching manual that accompanies the video. The manual is available from at a cost of $35.00. “Twelve Tips for Using the Whole Truth Online,” is also available on the Advocates Against Abuse website to provide an overview of how training is intended to occur. Once you have indicated an interest in viewing The Whole Truth, you will be provided a password to access the videos. Please email to obtain the password to access the video. It is understood, that should you choose to use this training, it shall be used only from the website with the password you were provided. It is expected that you will not share your password, nor the material, nor will the material be uploaded to YouTube or any video sharing/social media platform.

Watch the preview clip for The Whole Truth by clicking on the video below:


Twelve Tips for Using the Whole Truth Online

  1. You will need to have a staff awareness event before the training begins. This will allow the staff to see the range of material covered and take note of some of the scenes that might be scary or might trigger someone in some way.
  2. Consent needs to be sought from those participating in the training and if necessary, they can be shown a clip from the training in order to give informed consent.
  3. The staff will need to have a list of resources in the area of abuse and trauma for people with disabilities to access should they need support and be prepared to follow through in accordance with their agency’s abuse policies and procedures.
  4. The person or persons who are participating (should more than one person be participating) need to have a space where they can watch and participate on their own.
  5. Once the space has been made private, the participant needs to have the features that created privacy (closed doors, closed and curtained windows) explained, each time. It’s important that they understand that the area has been made private.
  6. The participant may be uncomfortable being alone while waiting for the class to begin, you may sit with them until the class starts but then you will be requested to leave.
  7. The class is structured such that there needs to be at least 5 people and they need to be of multiple genders.
  8. There are 4 classes each lasting from 45 minutes to an hour. There may need to be more classes depending on the group but we don’t recommend going past an hour.
  9. The training materials used have two self-advocate teachers with the role of leading the training falling to a self-advocate trainer with a helper co-facilitating the training.
  10. The self-advocate instructor and the helper need to have the appropriate IT training and demonstrate proficiency in this before any class is attempted.  Please remember to enable sound on the platform being used for training to ensure participants can hear the videos.
  11. Please note that the language in the manual referring to the people being trained as clients needs to be updated to the language used within the culture of your agency.
  12. We recommend that you purchase the teaching manual which can be purchased from for $35. Please indicate on your order you are part of the AAA movement. The training manual mentions ‘The Ethics of Touch’ training and it is also available from this website.

Final Note: It is understood that this training should you choose to use it will be used from the website with your password. It is further understood that these materials will not be uploaded to YouTube or any video sharing site.